8 Ideas for Personalised Photo Gifts that anyone would Love!

Want to surprise that special someone with a heart-warming gift? Personalised photo gifts are the perfect way to make a present that not only includes a personal touch, but also lets you use your most treasured pictures to make the holidays, a birthday or anniversary truly memorable.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating photo gifts, which is why it’s such a unique present they’ll really appreciate. To help you decide on an amazing gift for that someone special, we’ve put together eight of the best personalised photography gifts for family, friends, or even pets!

  1. Personalised cushion

Posing as both a piece of comfort and distinctive addition to room décor, a personalised cushion gives your loved one something to cuddle up to along with the memory of a special moment or a personal piece of artwork.

Print onto the fabric a picture of your choice to really encapsulate the cosiness factor of this photo gift idea. Or, try and use a personal image that matches the colour scheme of the interior — it’ll show you’ve put in an extra bit of thought when making a gift!

Cushions also make comfy beds for pets. Put your photo on a cushion so you can always be around for your furry friends, even when you’re not around.

  1. Collage print

Struggling to choose a particular photo? Why not make a collage print so you can include all your favourite times together and put together a beautiful display for the wall? Bound to spruce up any interior, it’s a personalised gift to admire and look back on many memories with joy.

You can create the collage with a variety of pictures and layouts ranging from two to 15 images, for a loving token of all your shared experiences.


    3. Personalised Photo Mug

Be reminded of a memory, story, or a special someone, every morning with a personalised mug. It’s the perfect present to remind them of your thoughtfulness – and it’s practical too!

To really wow, why not add personalised text to your design – this could be a significant date or just a heartfelt message to really make your gift meaningful.

    4. Scrapbook

There’s nothing more personal than making a scrapbook filled with memories and mementos that they’ll adore. Of all the photography gifts, scrapbooks give you the most freedom to let your creativity shine and impress.

You could make each page represent a special occasion, an amazing trip you’ve been on or, a collection of stories with friends. Insert postcards, flight tickets, souvenirs and any other keepsakes among your photo prints to create an artistic present. For more useful tips on putting a scrapbook together, check out myFUJIFILM’s blog here

     5. Personalised blanket

If you love snuggling up on the sofa, then a personalised blanket will be the perfect gift choice. You can print a selection of touching photos onto the blanket to make a wholesome display to cosily wrap up in. Or, opt for a large printout of a single, cherished image that’ll maximise the comfort factor. 

Whichever design you choose, this gift injects a personal touch into any home interior that is bound to be admired! Click here to bring your photo blanket to life.

    6. Personalised notebook

A personalised notebook is a gift that is both touching and practical. If your special someone loves keeping a personal journal, or always has a notepad handy for work, it’s the perfect gift idea to fulfil these moments. Whether they’re documenting travels or away at work, there’s no better way to give a comforting memory that can be cherished every time they put pen to paper. You can design your personalised notebook here.

    7. Photobook

If you’re looking for the ultimate personalised gift, putting together a photobook is a great idea. Fill the pages with celebratory pictures, or tell a story of a special event or reminisce about the year that can be flicked through and looked back on with fondness. It’s a unique way to show how much these special occasions also meant to you. Click here to discover some more helpful tips for creating a stunning photobook that your loved one will absolutely love.

    8. Framed photos

Who doesn’t smile when receiving a framed photo of one of your most treasured moments together? Enhance your photos by printing and framing them. Frames create a gallery feel that is guaranteed to complement any picture you choose. They also give an added value to the image that your family or friends will cherish for years to come.

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