9 Holiday Photo Ideas for Your Holiday Snaps

Summer holidays are all about creating unforgettable memories, and what better way to remember them than through stunning photos? From sunsets and poolside shots to reflections and romantic moments, there are so many ways to capture the essence of your travels.

Whether you order prints for a photo album or display a stunning vista on a canvas, photography allows you to relive your adventure again and again. However, sometimes it can be tricky to know what kinds of photos to take. If you need a bit of inspiration, here are nine holiday photo ideas for your next trip.


1. Sunrises and sunsets
It may feel cliché, but sunrises and sunsets always make for beautiful holiday pictures. There’s nothing like seeing a deep orange hue or golden light burst across the sky above a scenic view.

If you want to make these photos more unique, you could include yourself or loved ones in the shot and make a silhouette effect. To do this, simply stand in front of the skyline and have your picture taken with the camera directly facing the rising or setting sun. It’ll create an artsy picture with your silhouette against the backdrop of a breathtaking view.

When printing your sunrise and sunset images, make sure you opt for a professional photo service — this will help showcase the depth of colour.

2. Poolside shots
Make a splash with your poolside photos on your holidays this year. While lounging by the water's edge, there are endless possibilities for capturing unforgettable shots. Strike a pose with a refreshing cocktail from the pool bar and snap a candid moment while sipping your drink. For the ultimate in relaxation, kick back on a lilo and soak up the sun with your shades on.

But why stop there? Take your poolside photos to new heights by diving into the deep blue or even going underwater for a truly unique perspective. With the right techniques, these shots can produce breathtaking results that will have everyone talking.

3. Tell a story
As they say, a picture tells a thousand words — so get ready to elevate your holiday photo game to the next level. Instead of just taking individual shots, consider piecing together a personal narrative of your journey. Snap photos at every stage of your trip, from aeroplane window shots to destination signs and the resort you're staying at. Don't forget to capture the people and places you encounter along the way, as each one adds a unique piece to your story.

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4. Beach photography
Visiting the beach is the perfect opportunity to capture some amazing memories of your loved ones and the beautiful scenery around you. For scenic pictures, why not take photos of the colourful beach huts, quaint deck chairs, or buckets and spades displayed along seafront shops?

And, for more personal memories, capture a fun moment of your family making a sandcastle together. Alternatively, get creative and draw messages and pictures in the sand for a charming and unique touch to your seaside photography. Wouldn’t these snaps make lovely personalised fridge magnets?

5. Reflections
Take your photos to the next level with reflections. Sunglasses are an easy and useful tool for creating distinctive and unique photos. Simply take a picture of a view or landmark using the reflection of your shades to frame a unique perspective, with interesting shades of colour coming from the lens.

And don't forget about using water to capture stunning views. If the lighting is right on a clear body of water, you can catch the clouds and surrounding landscape mirrored on the water surface for a spectacular picture.

6. Romantic photos
On a couple's retreat? Make sure to capture the romance with some perfect photo opportunities. Turn that scenic picture into an intimate moment by including the two of you closely admiring the view together. Say “cheers” as you raise your glasses at a stylish restaurant. And while you're out sightseeing, take charming photos of you exploring together hand-in-hand.


7. Food and drink pictures
Every trip is a chance to try new and exciting foods and drinks, and capture them on camera. Don't be shy – take pictures of the local cuisine to make great additions to your holiday album. You'll be able to capture the flavour of your destination and reminisce about those exquisite meals and cocktails that really made your taste buds tingle.

8. Sightseeing photography
No holiday is complete without some sightseeing. Every location has its own unique architecture you can photograph, such as rustic houses, winding alleyways, and verdant parks. And, don't forget to experiment with perspective and make your pictures one of a kind by taking your photos from different vantage points.

9. Wildlife and nature
Take in the natural beauty around you with some wildlife snapshots. Photographing native animals lets you look back on these magical experiences and means you'll have more than just the place's culture to remember.

And, capturing photos of the local flora can be just as captivating, with exotic plants offering vibrant colours to admire. In these cases, you might even be able to get fascinating close-ups of smaller animals in and among the vegetation.


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