Baby's first birthday: why a personalised photo book is the perfect gift

A baby's first year is filled with milestone moments. Their first smile. A favourite toy. Sleeping through the night. And capturing every precious second is the top priority for new parents. It makes a baby photo book an exceptional present for their first birthday.

baby photo book craft process

Why a Baby photo book is the ideal 1st birthday present 

Babies learn an incredible amount in their first year. They reach out and explore the world around them. They begin to communicate and make sense of their world. And as a proud parent, you're beside them every step of the way, documenting everything. So what better way to capture that all-important first year than in an adorable baby photo book? 

Creating a baby photo book is the perfect way to organise all those photos. So instead of them getting deleted accidentally, you'll have them forever. Then it's simple to turn to a favourite image or keep track of family events. And you can even add another photo book every birthday. 

A baby photo book is a treasure your child can always look back on. And a beautiful keepsake for grandparents, friends, and relatives who support you along the way. It's also a fantastic way to remember every meaningful moment. And show the world that your baby is absolutely the cutest ever.

Classic baby photo album or printed photo book? 

There's no better way to capture their first year than in photos. And a photo book is the easiest way to make a unique record of those memories. There are multiple ways to customise the layout and design for an effortlessly contemporary look. And a photo book is a cost-effective way to transform digital images into lasting memories.

On the other hand, a classic baby photo album can be updated continuously. You can print and add any new pictures you like. However, it can be more time-consuming to put an album together manually. A premium photo book, on the other hand, is easy to replicate — once you have your template, you could create milestone books for every year as your child grows up. Photo books are also quick to make!

A baby photo book is an enduring choice for a keepsake to treasure forever. And with your choice of images, layout and paper, you'll create a lasting heirloom that captures every precious detail.

Layout ideas for an adorable baby photo book

Ready to create your photo book but stuck for inspiration? These are our favourite layout ideas to help you organise and share every memory.

Milestone highlights

Every new parent looks out for each new milestone. After all, you're proud of their progress and want the family to share. So why not keep track of every milestone moment with a beautiful photo book? 

Keep track of your child’s milestones from that first bath to crawling and beyond. Record the date, then add your thoughts and emotions. Remember, those moments can seem all too fleeting. So make sure they always have a place in your heart.

A photo a month: a year in review 

Suddenly they're blowing out the candle on their first birthday cake. And you can't believe how much they've grown. So why not document that extraordinary time in a 'year in review' format? Select your favourite twelve images, one for each month of the year. And organise a monthly family photo shoot. Use some fun props to get cute reactions and show how much Baby's grown.

Create an ‘ABC’ book

This layout is a fabulous way for baby to learn their ABCs in a highly relatable way. Include a snap for every letter of the alphabet. That could be T for toy tiger or B for bath. Get creative with hats, costumes and props. And avoid the obvious - Z doesn't have to stand for zebra. Then add text using our easy-to-use layout editor for an alphabet book to cherish.

Baby meets the family

Your baby pics are adorable. But adding their first meeting with the rest of their family will add a different dimension. So why not organise the layout as a family tree so your child can see their history at a glance?

Otherwise, add images of everyone involved in your little one’s upbringing so far. Reminisce over the emotional first meeting between Baby and their grandparents. Or add that adorable snap of your bundle of joy snoring in their Godparent’s arms. A copy would be a lovely way to thank friends and family for their support.

young children walking hand in hand

Letters from mummy and daddy

Are you gifting your baby's photo book for a first birthday? Then look to their future. Try including letters from Mum and Dad, friends and family members. Then, as your child grows, they can reflect on your words of love and advice.

Show your pride in them in every line. Write from the heart or add your favourite quotes or poems. Just imagine how much meaning your words will have when your child is grown. And maybe, one day, shares their book with children of their own.