Create A Mug: 5 Tips To Design Your Own Mug

Are you ready to design your own mug and create a unique piece of crockery that holds all your favourite memories? A mug is not just a mere drinking vessel, it’s also a canvas for your creativity. And with a little imagination, you can build a mug that is not only functional but also a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly reflects your (or your giftee's) personality.


1. Choose your canvas
Before you think about the design itself, it’s important to first consider what type of mug is to be your canvas. Are you choosing a gift for a latte lover? You have the perfect opportunity to make a coffee mug for a gift that’s personal, thoughtful, and useful.

Looking for an added touch of elegance? Opt for porcelain or ceramic mug. It’s an easy way to incorporate a hint of style before you even start putting your creation together.

You could even include an element of surprise by picking a magic mug. What starts as a simple, black cup suddenly changes to reveal your personal design as you pour a hot drink into it. Ideal for a variety of occasions, is a gift that’ll really impress.

2. The bigger the better
When you make a mug with a photo, it’s best to go large – especially if you’re looking to fit multiple photos as it gives you more room to get creative. After all, you don’t want the disappointment of your design looking squashed, or warping once it’s brought to life.

What’s more, big mugs are a more comfortable fit in the hands and everyone appreciates a larger cup for adding a little extra in their brews.

3. Get your creative juices flowing
The design process doesn’t have to be a simple case of selecting photos. You can create your mug with customisation options in mind. Why not add a background for a splash of colour? This can also be a great way to tie together the colours in your chosen photos.

Making use of different layouts is another design option to consider when picking out your favourite memories. You can experiment with various arrangements to find the perfect pairing or collage layout for your pictures. For a finishing touch, you could create your own mug with text. This is perfect for topping off a gift with a heartfelt message to the recipient.


4. Be colour-wise
While it can be a lot of fun to make your mug bright and colourful, it’s best to put some thought into this. Don’t go too overboard with the colours or the overall photo design will come out looking cluttered and messy. You should also keep in mind the general colour palette of your photos.

Try and match chosen colours with your pictures to avoid stark contrasts to make your mug visually appealing, this will make sure the colours of your mug complement each other.
Opting for a classic mug with a vibrant interior can be the perfect way to add a pop of colour without clashing with the photos on the front. With red, yellow, and blue to choose from, myFUJIFILM stoneware mugs are bold and beautiful.

5. Think about themes
Struggling for design ideas? Coming up with themes is a great way to inject some more creativity when you make a picture mug. For example, you could opt for a holiday theme and pick out your favourite moments from summer vacations spent lounging on the beach.

Or, if you have a precious family pet, why not gather your most adorable snaps of them and use these to create your own photo mug? A themed photo mug is guaranteed to be a big hit with your recipient, not only will the mug itself look great, but it’ll also remind your giftee of something special — making for a thoughtful present.


Create your own photo mug in a few easy steps
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