Fun & Creative Wedding Photo Ideas & Poses

We’ve given you our best wedding photo book ideas, but how are you going to fill the album without any pictures? Before your wedding day, it is best to sit down with your photographer to discuss the shots and poses that you want to capture. To make this meeting as simple as possible, we’ve compiled some of our favourite fun wedding photo ideas! 

1. Couple photos  

There are a few classic couple wedding poses that are essential when organising your photos. Walking down the aisle, taking a stroll around the venue, and saying those all-important vows are simple yet elegant additions to your collection. A photo trend that has been growing on social media that we love is the last dance photo. After all the guests have gone and the party is officially over, taking a last dance to enjoy those final moments can create a very sweet and memorable image to keep forever.  

2. Moody Photos 

On grey and cloudy days, a clear umbrella can not only protect you from getting wet, but it can also be a fun prop to create some romantic wedding couple poses. If you’re lucky enough to avoid the rain, incorporating the grey clouds can give your images a cool tone for some more serious shots. 



3. Bridal Party Photos 

For the bridal party, wedding photo ideas such as getting ready together and the dress reveal are great images to capture. Whether you’re at home or away, getting pampered (with a glass of champagne or two!) on the morning of your wedding, with those closest to you, are moments worth remembering.  

4. Groomsman Party Photos 

For the groomsmen, why not try some fun wedding photo ideas to mix in with the traditional? Be sure to capture those memorable shots of preparing for the ceremony together, all suited and booted, to look back at in years to come.  

5. Family Photos 

Why not add a little spice to your family photos and give a few of these wedding photo poses a go? One of our favourite wedding picture ideas are generational photos. Generational couples within a family, coming together to show love through the years, can make a heart-warming image that you can share with pride.  


6. Pet Photos 

Before you ask, yes, your pets are family and yes, we have photo ideas on how to include them, too! Some fun ideas include having your pet in the traditional family shots and having them walk the bride down the aisle. One of our personal favourites is having your pet take part in a first look. During the private reveal, include your pet for an extra dose of love and affection. 

7. Weather Photos 

Incorporating the weather into your photos can create a magnificent backdrop for your images that will make them irresistible to share. One of our favourite ways to incorporate the weather is by taking some sunset shots. These can give your photos a graceful golden tone that provide an elegant contrast to your day images.  


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