Gallery Wall Ideas & Layout with Sizes

There’s no doubt that gallery picture walls are always a stunning way to showcase your favourite memories around the home. What’s more, you have the freedom to choose from your entire photo library and create a variety of layouts.

But with so much room for creativity, you may not know where to start when it comes to putting together a gallery frame set. That’s why this guide will take you through everything from inspirational ideas through to layouts and sizes, so you can bring your dream canvas picture wall to life.                                    


Picture wall ideas

When coming up with ideas, it’s probably best to look through your camera roll and work out what themes you could establish as your gallery wall template. For example, pets can make for wholesome canvas prints if you pick out those adorable pictures of your furry family member. In similar fashion, you could create an entire family photo gallery wall that includes a portrait of your precious pet along with all your loved ones.

Holiday photos are another great option for designing amazing canvas gallery prints. You could create a summer getaway theme using those snaps of you lounging in the sun by the pool and wandering along beaches with overhanging palm trees. Or how about showcasing a city break with snaps of impressive monuments and breath-taking architecture?  

If you’re wanting more of a scenic display, why not create a nature-inspired picture wall layout? You can really make the most of floral close-ups and lush landscape greenery as you bring them to life in stunning detail on canvas.


Gallery wall layout

Now you have more of an idea about what photos you’d like to display, it’s time to consider gallery wall layout ideas. If you’re looking to use only a select few pictures, a triptych can be the perfect arrangement. This can be achieved by simply laying out your display as three separate canvas panels, which would usually form one whole image. It works particularly well with panoramic images and adds a unique twist to your picture display.

For a larger assortment of photos, one easy approach is to create a grid layout. This way, all your canvases can be the same size and will line up nicely for a neat display. Contrastingly, you could go to the other end of the spectrum and design a mismatched set. Having an eclectic assortment of sizes and frames can actually create a stylish aesthetic – the canvases may even end up complementing each other more than you think!

Making shapes is another way to produce an interesting photo gallery wall layout. For example, you could create a pyramid using three or more of your favourite photos. A spiral is another impressive layout you can design by having a large central piece with smaller canvases surrounding it in a circular pattern.  



Once you’ve decided on your photos and display style, don’t forget to think about the gallery layout with sizes put into practice. Make sure you’ve got plenty of wall space for where you’re planning your picture gallery and try using tape lines to map it out first. This way, you can get a good idea of how the real thing will shape up.

When mapping your layout, it’s always best to use a tape measure as using rough estimations leaves room for error. After all, you don’t want to go through all the efforts of designing your photo gallery only to find it doesn’t fit properly! That’s why you should check what canvas dimensions are available and use those exact measurements when planning your design.  


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