Get Organised With Personalised Photo Stationery

From creative doodling to functional to-do lists, the humble notepad is a desk essential. And while any old notebook might do in some situations, there’s something special about personalised stationery. Whether you’re looking for a unique notebook that won’t get muddled up with others at work or you’re after a gift for a budding writer, personalised photo stationery is sure to stand out. 

And why stop at a notebook? Stay on top of your schedule with a personalised calendar or fill your workspace with photo stationery for every occasion. Showcase your favourite photos, get organised, and let your stationery be the talk of the office.


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The transformative power of organisation

Before we dive into the awesome world of personalised photo stationery, let's take a minute for why organisation is so great. 

Declutter your mind

Minimalism can help declutter your workspace. A tidy environment promotes focus and reduces distractions.

Capture your ideas

Keep a notepad handy to jot down thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists. Writing things down not only helps you remember but also serves as a tangible record of your accomplishments.

Schedule with intent 

Invest in a personalised photo planner that reflects your unique style. By scheduling tasks and events, you take more control of your time. 


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Why switch to personalised photo stationery?

Personalised stationery helps you become more organised by infusing your workspace with a touch of your unique personality and style, making it a space that reflects your true self. Custom-designed notepads, planners, and desk accessories inspire you to engage with your tasks and aspirations, turning mundane to-dos into enjoyable activities. 

When your stationery is personable, you’ll be inspired to use your stationery more regularly, helping you stay organised and  focused on your tasks than if you simply used the plain stationery given to you by your workspace. Personalisation also allows you to express your individuality, making your workspace a place where you feel comfortable and motivated, rather than just a place of work that you show up to every day.

So, what stationery can you personalise with your own photos, and which is right for your office space?

Personalise your notepad

Say goodbye to mundane notepads, and welcome a custom-designed one that bears your name or a cherished photograph. A personalised photo notepad will make even the most tedious tasks just a little bit more exciting. And in a sea of generic lined notebooks, there’s something really special about a notepad with your very own picture on it. 

This small personalisation elevates the act of writing down notes, to-do lists, and ideas into a delightful and heartwarming experience. The myFUJIFILM Personalised Hardback Photo Notebook is the ideal companion with its matte laminated cover, and 150 pages of high-quality 80gsm paper. This little notebook will turn heads that’s for sure — and as an added bonus, you can be sure you won’t ever get your notebook mixed up with a colleague’s. 

Journaling with personalised stationery

Create a personalised photo journal to record your aspirations and progress, and it offers a tangible medium to document your progress. Choose an image that symbolises your goals, and let it inspire you on your journey to success, this way your journal is a visual representation of your goals, empowering you to stay motivated and stay focussed on your objectives. 

If you’ve never journalled before but think it could be a positive influence in your life - get started with a myFUJIFILM Personalised Notebook. It’s a great way to start witnessing your own growth, foster a sense of achievement, and persevere with new challenges. 

Desk accessories with personality

The options are endless when it comes to desk accessories, from custom mouse pads to pen holders featuring your preferred designs or photographs, these added extras can complement your existing workspace with a touch of your personality. 

A useful tool to help you stay organised, whilst simultaneously injecting a bit of your personality into your workspace is a Photo Desk Calendar. This way, you can become the designer of your own creation, curating the order of special memories and arranging them on each month's page to suit your preferences. You can organise your schedule supported by loved ones, friends, pets, or holiday views — it can really be a great motivator throughout the year and it’s definitely got that added personal touch you won’t find on generic calendars. 

Having said that, our gorgeous Hanging Calendars are anything but ordinary, so you can match up your workspace Photo Desk Calendar and home office with your favourite memories any time.

Framed memories

You don’t have to limit your personalised photo stationery to items that you can physically use, sometimes you just need a bit of decoration to add a bit of colour to your workspace. 

Consider sprucing up your workspace with some awesome framed memories. Grab your favourite photos that capture happy moments, achievements, and loved ones, and set them up around your desk space. These framed memories will be a great reminder of what’s important to you, and throughout your day they’ll act as little cues to keep you connected to what inspires you most.

Practical tips for your personalised notebook

Whilst you certainly don’t want to clutter your workspace with an unnecessary amount of stationery, having that added personal touch to your stationery essentials can really help you focus, especially if you are someone who has a tendency to procrastinate. 

The master to-do list

One of the great things about personalised photo stationery is its ability to help you stay organised, and the key to this is having everything in one place. A central hub for all tasks and responsibilities – a master to-do list – is a perfect idea to help you see the bigger picture whilst managing the small details. 


Harness the power of consistent effort by keeping a habit tracker to monitor your progress in your personalised notebook. Identify the positive habits you want to cultivate, whether it's daily exercise, meditation, reading, or any other goal. 

Structure your tracker with clear sections, allowing you to record your daily or weekly achievements, and you could personalise your notepad with an image that will keep you aligned with your goals — this could be a holiday destination, or a reminder of the best version of yourself. A personalised habit tracker provides accountability and motivation, nudging you to stay committed and disciplined as you build the foundation for positive change.

Personalised photo stationery with myFUJIFILM

At myFUJIFILM, we believe that a happy photo is the perfect reminder of what’s important in life. That’s why we offer a range of personalised photo gifts that you can tailor to inspire you to reach your goals.

From Photo Desk Calendars to Personalised Notebooks, elevate your stationery game with us today.