Half-term activities: Scrapbook with a photo book

Half-term is the perfect opportunity to dive into your family memories — especially when you have thousands of photos piling up in your phone’s albums.

So, why not bring those moments to life with a personalised photo book? Transform your digital snapshots into your own narrative this half-term with the help of myFUJIFILM.


Open photo book on wooden table.

Why create family photo books over half term?

Keeping the kids entertained over half term can feel like a monumental task. Don’t worry — we get it. But here's a secret: we think our photo books will provide your family with a day of fun and nostalgia — a day that they will remember.

Imagine gathering around and each family member picking photos based on a theme — be it the golden hues of autumn, the vibrant greens of spring, or the countless smiles from birthday celebrations of years gone by. It's interactive, it's fun, and most importantly, it's a chance to bond and relive your favourite moments together.

How to make your photo book a family activity

Making a photo book is not just about compiling photos. With a family photo book, you can craft your own unique story. Now, let’s turn it into a fun half-term activity for the kids:

  • Pick your themes together: Let everyone choose a theme for a page or section of your photo book. It could be holidays, birthdays, pets, or funny faces.

  • Design as a team: When you use our photo book creator, make sure you decide on layouts and backgrounds together. Everyone’s opinion matters!

  • Personalise with crafts: Bring out the stickers, coloured pens, and glitter gels. Decorating the photo book can be as fun as making it, and it gives your little ones a chance to leave a personalised mark.

  • Share your stories: As you select photos, share the stories you share behind them. This is a great way for your kids to hear about family adventures they might not be able to remember.

    Person holding open baby photobook.

    In the spotlight: @skye_jennifer_

    We're so happy to see @skye_jennifer_ sharing her experience of our photo books on Instagram. She documented her whole family's journey as they created their personalised photo book:

    "We've had a lovely time creating a personalised @fujifilmuk photo book this week on myFUJIFILM. It was an affordable and fun way to spend time together at home!" 

    They chose their favourite memories with the help of one another and created a gift for their dad, combining creativity with heartfelt messages and doodles. It's a testament to how these photo books can act as keepsakes for years to come.

    Make your family photo book this half-term

    This half-term, embrace the joy of looking back and crafting stories together. Don’t just see your photo book as a project — see it as a core memory for you and your family. 

    Create your family photo book today, and let every page turn be a reminder of how much you’ve grown as a family unit.