How to Make a Photo Book

Wondering how to make a photo book that really stands out? In this video, We worked alongside stylist, art director and visual creative, Harriet Langsbury, to put a handy video tutorial together. In this video, Harriet offers some hints and tips on photo book creation. 

Prefer written instructions? Scroll down for our step-by-step guide on how to make a printed photo album using myFUJIFILM.

How to make a photo book with myFUJIFILM

The beauty of photo books lies in the versatility. They make amazing gifts for every occasion — from birthdays to anniversaries. You can tailor your photo book design to suit your recipient for a truly thoughtful and personalised gift. 

However, photo books also offer a beautiful way to showcase a favourite holiday or a special event. Plus, photo book creation is super-easy with myFUJIFILM. In just X easy steps, you’ll have a professional-quality photo album you can treasure for years to come.

Step 1: Choose your photo book style

The first step in photo book creation is deciding which type of book you want to make. We offer a range of sizes, from 4” x 4” Mini Photo Books to our Premium A3 designs. Portrait, landscape, or square? You decide. 

Click on the photo book you want and choose your paper type. 

Select “Create Now”

Step 2: Upload your photos

You’ll then be taken to our app, where you can upload your photos. Select the images you'd like to upload — either from your computer or from a saved album if you’ve made a photo book with us before. 

You can then add these photos to your project.

Step 3: Choose your page number

The next step is to decide how many pages you want your photo book to have. (You can alway adjust this later on).

Step 4: Decide your layout

You’ll then be able to decide how you want to set your photos out. You can go completely freestyle, follow a template and add your images yourself, or let us automatically fill your book with your images. 

Step 5: Fill your photo book and add backgrounds

If you’re adding your images manually, you can decide where to put them. Drag and drop your images to fill the pages. You’ll be able to resize and reposition each image as you go.

Here, you can also add some fun backgrounds — from themed patterns to sophisticated textures. Again, just drag and drop until you’re happy with your choices.

Step 6: Add text boxes

If you want to add captions, you can simply click on the text button on the left

hand side of the toolbar. You can choose from a range of fonts, colours, and size. Add your text to the box and then drag and drop it into place.

Step 7: Add a title 

The final step in creating your photo book is to add a title to the cover — just navigate to the cover, then add your title using the text box tool as before.You can change the colour of your book cover, too.

Step 8: Add to cart

Your photo book is now ready to order! Add to cart using the button in the top right corner, and you’ll be good to go.

Explore photo book creation with myFUJIFILM

Now you know how to make a photo book with our handy app, you can get as creative as you like. Experiment with different layouts, designing a family history photobook, creating a photo flipbook, or come up with stunning designs for every occasion. Need some more inspiration? Take a look at our other blog articles for hints, tips, and ideas.