Make Your Image on Canvas – Canvas Design Tips

Canvas printing is one of the best ways to display your favourite photos. Whether its scenic panoramas, adorable pet pictures or wholesome family photos, you can create a canvas to give your snaps an artistic feel. Not only does it magnify all the details in stunning quality, but it also allows you to decorate your home interior with your most cherished memories.

Of course, you want the printout to do your picture justice, which is why there are several things to keep in mind when you make your own canvas to ensure it meets, or even exceeds expectations. So read on to find out our top design tips for putting your image to canvas and achieving impressive results.    

Pano Canvas On Wall

Location, location, location

Before you go ahead and design your own canvas, first think about the location —there’s nothing worse than going to all the effort of printing your canvas only for it to look out of place! Take in your interior surroundings and look for colour themes or styles that you can complement with your photo. For instance, if the room features a lot of blue furnishings, choose your favourite seaside picture for a canvas display that really adds to the aesthetic.  

Make sure you take the space into account as well. It might seem obvious, but a small canvas for a big wall is certainly a mismatch, and vice versa. If you don’t want a big, central canvas, you could always create your own canvas art display by placing multiple small prints on a single wall. 

Canvas on wall


Quality is key 

To avoid disappointment, you need to make sure your pictures are the right quality for printing. While it might be fun to add effects and enhancers to your photos, this may result in them becoming oversaturated or losing their sharpness therefore ruin the print design. As a rule of thumb, less is more when you design a canvas.   Keep in mind that blurry pictures, photographs that are too vibrant, and overexposed or underexposed pictures can also look poor quality on canvas. So, when you’re looking through your camera roll, take time to study the photo and decide if the quality is good enough. As long as the picture is clear and in focus, you should be able to make a stunning display.   


Canvas on wall

Size matters 

Along with quality, you also need to think about size when you create your own canvas. Nowadays, you can usually check the dimensions of photos on your phone or laptop quite easily. Once you have these measurements, try to closely match them to the canvas sizes available. This way, you’ll avoid having to stretch or crop the photo, which can otherwise leave you with a distorted canvas.  If you can’t work out the precise measurements for your prints, it’s not the end of the world. You can still use the orientation of the photo to achieve the right sort of size. Remember, a portrait always works best with a vertically shaped canvas, while a landscape image should be applied to a horizontal. 


wall of frames

Get creative 

Now that we’ve covered location, quality and size, it’s time for the exciting part —customisation. There are a few tools you can use to get your creative juices flowing and add those finishing touches to your canvas design.  Adding a background is a great way to give your picture an extra splash of colour or complement the shades. You could even give your canvas a quirky twist with patterned backdrops, including dots or stripes. A canvas print doesn’t have to be a single image. If you’ve got an array of photos you want to display but limited wall space, try experimenting with different layouts for your print design. From triptychs to collages, there are plenty of arrangements you can use to bring your pictures together in one print.  For an extra personal touch, why not add text to your design? Whether it’s a funny caption or a heartfelt reflection, putting a few choice words can really enhance the desired effect of your photo canvas. 


canvas on wall

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