Setting Up a Working from Home Space

Increasingly, teams are working from home — either permanently or in a hybrid fashion. And while working from home brings more flexibility and comfort, it’s important to set up a dedicated office or workspace. Not only can it help you concentrate and boost your productivity, but it means you can stop work from sneaking into the rest of your home, disrupting your leisure time. You can simply close the door to your home office and relax!

And while it’s all well and good having a separate study, the way you set it up can affect how effective it really is. You want somewhere calm, convenient, and inspiring. If you’re looking for home office setup ideas to jazz up your WFH days, read on!

We’ve teamed up with stylist, art director and visual creative, Harriet Langsbury, to offer some innovative ideas for a home office you’ll love spending time in. 

In the video below, Harriet will show you how to spruce up your space with photo prints, get comfy with personalised cushions, and keep yourself fuelled with coffee served in photo mugs. 

You’ll also find a handy video transcript below. 

Working from home: inspiring office space ideas from Harriet Langsbury

I've been working from home for a few years now, and I found it so important to make sure the space I'm working from is calm, organised, and inspiring. In this video, I’m going to show you how to get the perfect environment.

Find the perfect location 

You'll want to start by finding a quiet corner of the house to work in — you can even create your space at the kitchen table. It's really helpful to have lots of natural light in the room whilst you're working. 

I’ve situated my space by a large window as I find the natural light gives me more energy and helps me work for longer. 

Gather your work essentials

Gather all your daily work essentials. Making sure everything you need is within reach means you won't be distracted by having to get up to find anything. I always keep a few notebooks, my laptop, weekly planner, and a pen pot close by. 

Create your mood board

One of the most helpful tools you can have in your workspace is an inspiration board or mood board. I change mine up depending on what projects I'm working on at the time. I love filling it with my favourite printed photos, along with some inspiring postcards and bits of artwork. A mood board will help you come up with ideas as well as keep you motivated —  it's one of my favourite tools. 

Add magazines and photos to inspire

Magazines and books are another essential that helps me keep inspired. I always flick through my magazines at the start of a project, pick out anything that catches my eye, and add this to my mood board. 

Surrounding yourself with positivity is another way to stay motivated. This framed photo of me and my partner in Paris always makes me smile!

Find a home for your house plants

Studies show that having plants in your work space can boost creativity reduce stress and increase productivity.

Finishing touches

A few finishing touches makes all the difference.

Personalised mug: I always have a cup of tea on the go, so I'm using my new printed mug and coaster  — and obviously I had to choose a photo of my cat to go on the side! 

Scented candles: Burning the right candle can help you increase your focus, alleviate stress, soothe your mind, and set the right atmosphere in your workspace.

Photo cushions: I added a few cushions to my chair; I got this cute little one printed with an image I took in Cornwall.

The benefits of creating a home office you’ll love

If you're going to work in the same space all day you'll need to make sure it's comfy. I've honestly felt way more productive and motivated since I took the time to create a dedicated workspace for myself. It's so easy to get distracted if you work from home — sometimes it's almost impossible to get your head down and just focus. 

Creating a dedicated space for yourself, wherever it may be, can not only boost your productivity but also do wonders for your mental health and well-being. 

I hope you can use some of the tips I shared and take time out for yourself to create a space you love working in. We can't wait to see what you create!

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