6 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Families

The Christmas season is truly upon us. Some of you may have already bought and wrapped your present stash for the year, but some (if not, most) of us may not have even started thinking about Christmas yet. It doesn’t start until you let it start — right?

No matter where you fall on the Christmas-preparedness scale, we’re here to offer a slice of solace in this undeniably hectic period. As lovely as it sounds to have intricate gifts for every member of the family, this can often lead to unrealistic expectations and heighten feelings of stress.

What if we told you that there’s an easy way you can gift something thoughtful and meaningful? No guilt, no stress, and no sky-high budget  — just a gift that keeps on giving.

Canvas of toddler on the wall

The art of personalised gifts

At myFUJIFILM, we talk a lot about personalised photo gifts — but for good reason. There’s just something about opening up a parcel to see something beautifully made and curated, specifically with you in mind.

With personalised gifts, you can take simple photos and turn them into bespoke treasures, crafting gifts that will be highly appreciated by families — big or small. From custom photo books to tailored wall art, let's explore how you can make this festive season truly unforgettable for the families in your life. With myFUJIFILM, you can easily create gifts that show your love and thoughtfulness for others, all without the unnecessary extra hassle.

Why do families appreciate personalised gifts?

There are loads of gifts out there that families will undoubtedly appreciate. However, there are a few reasons why personalised gifts stand out amongst the rest.

Unique and meaningful connections

The beauty of a personalised gift is that it is perfectly tailored to the recipient. This can result in the giftee feeling special and valued — all thanks to your thoughtfulness.

Capture life-long memories

Whether you include custom messages or a few of their favourite family snaps, personalised photo gifts serve as tangible reminders of happy memories, helping to strengthen all-important family bonds.

Sentimental value

Unlike other generic gifts, personalised gifts can become treasured keepsakes. Due to their personalised nature, they carry immense sentimental value for years to come. Every time the photo gift is seen or used by your giftee, they will experience the same feeling they had when they first saw it. Priceless!

Celebrating Individuality

With personalised gifts, you can capture the unique characteristics and personalities of each family member. 

Personalised Christmas gifts for families

Now that we’ve let you in on why we think personalised presents are the perfect Christmas gift for families, let’s take a look at what you can create in a few simple steps.

  1. Instant photo books

Our Instant Photo Books make excellent Christmas gifts for families, offering a personal and meaningful way to preserve their memories. Between its 20 pages, you can showcase 8x8 photos of family moments. What’s more, you can also pick a colour that you feel resonates with the family. Take your pick from Beige, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Pearl, or Quartz.

With our high-quality printing service and the photo book creator tool, you can give your favourite families the chance to relive their most special stories and adventures with a customised touch. It's a gift that combines the joy of reminiscing and the beauty of family.

  1. Premium canvas prints

This Christmas, why not gift a family you love with something that can bring joy to every wall? Our Premium High-Quality Canvas Prints are ideal for turning treasured family memories into pieces of elegant wall art. 

Every one of our canvases gets printed with water-based ink for stunning clarity, bringing a vibrant touch to family photos. They’re also available in a variety of sizes and are incredibly easy to mount, making a thoughtful and personalised addition to any family home. It’s a Christmas present that's not just beautiful, but also brimming with sentimentality.

  1. Family photo calendars

There’s no better time than December to start organising the busy year ahead. Between family commitments and the kids’ extracurricular activities, a personalised calendar is an excellent way to get everything organised in time for the New Year.

Our A4 2024 calendars offer a page-turning experience and the chance for you to design a family calendar in any layout and order. All pages are simplex printed on our quality 250gsm satin paper. The perfect gift for families that seem to already have everything!

Why not take a look at our Photo Wall Calendars as another option? These wall-hanging calendars are designed for function and appearance. With their elongated date boxes, your giftee family will have all the space they need to populate their calendar. A great family present to bring a touch of joy and organisation to any living space.

Finally, if you want to make a statement with your gift, our Premium Photo Calendars are centre-bound, and printed on high-quality 250gsm silk for a smooth, semi-gloss finish. It’s never a bad idea to go OTT — especially at Christmas.

  1. Personalised family blankets

Fancy creating something light-hearted and fun for the whole family? Our personalised blankets give you the chance to spread laughter and joy across the room this Christmas. With its super soft fabric, you can gift each family member with their own blanket — perfect for warming their bones on Christmas Day.

Whether it’s a hilarious photo, a model shot, or a picture of their pet, this personalised gift will warm the heart and the soul. All of our personalised blankets have a 1-inch hemline and measure 157cm x 132cm.

  1. Personalised notebooks

For the study bugs and doodlers in the family, a personalised photo notebook would be a fine choice of gift. Our hardcover notebooks are perfect for any home or office and can be used to satisfy the vivid imaginations of all ages.

Whether your grandpa wishes to note down his life story or your mum’s wishes have been answered in the form of a designated shopping list, a notebook is never a bad gift idea — especially if it’s personalised to those that you love. 

The book cover itself displays a matte finish; the best canvas for an inspirational picture or quote. Each photo notebook has 150 lined pages, formed on 80gsm paper.

  1. Personalised chopping boards

The perfect place to carve up any turkey or nut roast. At myFUJIFILM, you can create your very own cutting board, making a one-of-a-kind kitchen keepsake. Enhanced by four self-adhesive feet for a strong grip and a white dye sublimation coating for a durable appearance, you can showcase a variety of family snaps. 

From funny baking mishaps to lovely images of family dinners, why not add a photo that can be experienced with every new culinary creation? Our custom chopping boards are available in small (11”x8”) and large (15”x11”) sizes, so no matter whether your giftee is a microwave chef or a saute expert, it’s sure to be well received.

Personalised gifts for the whole family from myFUJIFILM

As we wrap up this festive family gift guide, remember that personalised gifts from myFUJIFILM are more than just presents — they’re thoughtful gifts from the heart.

Gone are the days and weeks of stress as Christmas approaches. Instead, you can rest assured that you can create something unique and special with the help of our personalised gift selection. That’s the beauty of them, after all — you can create something tailored to every friend and family member.

This Christmas, let our myFUJIFILM gifts be your way of bringing joy, nostalgia, and a personal touch to every family celebration. Cherish the highs and lows of a chaotic Christmas, celebrate individuality, and create lasting memories with these unique and personalised keepsakes.