6 Top tips for creating a striking photo collage

Photo collages are a great way to arrange your memories in a fun, captivating way. However, it can be hard to whittle down your photo choices when you have so many lovely images to choose from.

The beauty of a photo collage lies in its versatility and its ability to adapt to your aesthetic and functional needs. With room to experiment with different themes and colours, there are so many possibilities and variations of photo collages to choose from.

To help you create a collage, our team is offering six top tips to make your photo collage as striking and effective as possible.


Collection of printed photos on wall.

The benefits of a photo collage 

Creating a photo collage is a fun and insightful activity, allowing you to reminisce over memories from months or years gone by. Photo collages also have a variety of positive benefits — for your home and your mental well-being.

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Visual storytelling opportunities

Every image has a memory attached to it  — but photo collages can weave a narrative from these memories and turn them into a visual story. In this way, they not only look wonderful, but they can also foster an emotional connection. 

Decorative appeal

With the combination of different-sized prints and a variety of colours, photo collages have an obvious aesthetic appeal that can enhance the appearance of any space. 

Easily customisable

When it comes to making a photo collage, you have complete freedom to choose which images to showcase. You can even switch out and replace the prints if you fancy a refresh. They’re incredibly versatile so any room could benefit from a photo collage — all you have to do is select photographs that fit the room’s atmosphere and appearance.

Creative expression

Perhaps you have a creative idea in mind that you just can’t quite put into words. Here’s where photo collages shine. You can create something unique by experimenting with different layouts, colour schemes, and juxtapositions to create a piece of wall art that is unique and personal to you.


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Photo collage tips and ideas

Now, let’s take a look at our six top tips for creating and presenting your photo collage. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with a touch of experimentation — and there’s no way you can go wrong. Our best advice? Give it a go, and focus on the purpose you want your photo collage to have — the rest should follow.

 1. Select images that work together

Choosing the right photos for your collages is key for your display’s overall impact. Most importantly, start by defining your collage's core purpose or theme, as this will guide your photo selection. You should also always opt for quality over quantity, choosing clear, well-composed images for your collage.

It’s always a good idea to include a mix of close-ups and wide shots to add depth. Also try to include different perspectives, utilising shots from aerial, eye-level, and low-angle views for a dynamic appearance. Focus on including photos of significant people, places, or events central to your theme, and remember that candid moments with genuine emotions add a special heartfelt touch unlike any other.

2. Keep different arrangements in mind

Balance is also crucial when it comes to putting together your photo collage, so avoid clustering too many similar photos together. If you plan on adding text or decorative elements, don’t forget to leave appropriate space in your layout! 

To make things easier for yourself, why not cut out a few paper templates and use sticky tack to experiment with different layouts? Make sure that you have a range of portrait and landscape orientations for variety, making your photo collage more visually appealing to the eye. 

3. Think about where to display your collage

Before you start creating your photo collage, consider where you’d like to place it within your property. An ideal location could be in your living room, or wherever your family gathers most, serving as a heart-warming conversation starter. Photo collages are great for inviting a warm and cosy atmosphere in these areas, and you could use a mix of family images, authentic candid shots, or scenic landscapes to enhance this.

If you’d like your photo collage to be more symbolic, a hallway or staircase is another great location for your images. These transitional spaces are often hard to accessorise, but you can easily bring some vibrancy to the area with a photo collage. Why not feature a chronological collage, perhaps documenting the growth of your children or various family milestones? This idea could add a symbolic sense of history, all while you venture up your staircase.

Bedrooms are also another obvious placement for your photo collage. For your kids’ bedrooms, you could display sports achievements or their creative artistic endeavours. In your home office, your collage could emit feelings of inspiration and relaxation. Think nature landscapes, motivational images and quotes, or any other photographs that encapsulate your goals.

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4. Organising by theme

There are a couple of ways to group the images within your photo collage. The first idea is to organise your collage by theme — an effective way to convey a specific narrative or to instil a certain emotion or feeling.

Seasonal: It couldn’t be easier to base your photo collage on the four seasons, giving a visual overview of the year. Watch your photos merge from wintry shades of white to baby pinks and blues, all the way to the burnt shades of autumn. Photos of seasonal activities, landscapes, or significant family events from each season would work well for this particular theme.

Travelling Adventures: If you’ve got the holiday blues, create a photo collage of your different travels and adventures. Collect an image from each of your travels, representing a different destination. Showcase the variety of landmarks, landscapes, local cuisines, and your favourite cultural experiences. The best way to memorialise your past adventures and to inspire future ones.

Hobbies: Everyone has a favourite hobby. Whether it be a niche collection or gardening, a photo collage around your passion is a heartwarming theme idea. It’s also a great way to celebrate and share your passions with others. 

5. Organising by colour

The other way you could organise your photo collage is by colour. By doing this, you not only create something aesthetically pleasing, but you can also add an artistic and thoughtful element to your space. This also means your collage can fit into any room and the atmosphere you’re aiming to achieve.

A few ideas include monochromatic schemes for a unified look, using complementary colours from the opposite ends of the colour wheel, or going for a sleek and modern look with black-and-white photos.

6. Changing out your collage

Remember — one of the fun things about a photo collage is that you can change it up and replace your images as much as you wish. Our Shacolla prints allow you to mix, match, and rearrange without causing any damage to your walls, and the end product is delivered to you, ready to hang so you can save some time and effort.

Going for a seasonal theme by showcasing each season? When the new season rolls around, there’s nothing stopping you from designing a whole new look. Gone for a monochromatic blue shade? Change it up to a warming red or orange. The choice is yours!


Photo on teal wall of parent and child.

Why we love photo collages at myFUJIFILM

Creating a photo collage is an exciting journey into the world of personal storytelling and creative expression. Whether it's capturing the essence of the changing seasons, reliving your thrilling travel adventures, showcasing your hobbies, or playing with a mesmerising spectrum of colours, the possibilities are endless. 

What makes a photo collage so special is its ability to evolve with you. As seasons change, as new memories are made, your collage can transform too, keeping your space fresh and reflective.

With the highest quality prints and our poster printing service, you can bring your photo collage to life. Imagine the joy of seeing your favourite moments, printed with precision and care, adorning your walls. It's not just about decoration — it's about reliving those precious moments from day to day.

Start creating your photo collage today

Why wait? Dive into your photo collection and start curating your unique collage. Experiment with layouts, play with colours and let your creativity flow freely. 

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