Create a real-life Instagram wall with square photo prints

You've captured moments that bring your exciting experiences to life. Now, let's transform those digital memories into a click-worthy gallery wall. Picture this: Your very own Instagram feed, but in your living space, with sophisticated square photo prints that pop.

A gallery wall isn't just your generic photo collage wall, but it’s also a conversation starter that you can walk your guests through. Not only does an Instagram gallery wall bring your entire room’s aesthetic together, but it’s also a collection of your favourite memories — made with you in mind.


Framed photos on shelf mounted on yellow wall.

Step 1: Curate your collection

Start by diving into your photo library. Do you have pictures of sunsets, smiles, urban vibes, or serene landscapes? Perfect! Choose photos that resonate with your style and evoke happy memories.

Just like the photo collections on your Instagram account, as a rule of thumb, it’s important to only choose your favourite to select and immortalise on the Instagram grid. The unique nature of Instagram is that the platform aims to showcase the creme de la creme of your photos — it’s not the place for every photo on your camera roll. For your real-life Instagram gallery wall, the same rule applies: only choose the best ones that you won’t mind looking at every day. These are the images that deserve a space on your wall.

Remember, it's not just about the images — it's about the emotions they stir. So, choose wisely, and don’t forget to update your gallery wall as much as you wish. Bear in mind, sometimes less is more when it comes to your Instagram gallery wall.

Step 2: Print square photos (Yes, it's that easy!)

Can you get square photos printed? Absolutely! Square prints give your photos a modern, clean look, echoing the feel of an Instagram post. If you’d prefer a more vintage look, opt to print your photos in a selection of our retro prints. Not only will this tie your room together in a nostalgic way,but it will also make your photos look aesthetically pleasing, too.

At myFUJFILM, it’s a breeze to turn your digital gallery into tangible art. Select from a range of sizes for a dynamic layout.

Step 3: Pick your square print size

When it comes to square prints, variety is key. From our High Quality Photo Prints, we offer square sizes in 4x4”, 5x5”, and 6x6”, so that you can select a range of square sizes to create an inventive Instagram gallery wall. Larger sizes are ideal for those 'wow' shots. Why not mix and match different sizes for a gallery wall that's uniquely you?

Consider framing your photo prints to make them stand out even more. Square photo frames add that extra layer of sophistication. For a sleek, modern look, go for large square photo frames. They command attention and turn your photos into statement pieces. But don't shy away from smaller frames, especially for a more intimate, cosy feel.

Step 4: Selecting the perfect frame

Think of frames as the outfit for your photos. Sleek black or white frames offer a timeless look, whilst wood tones can warm up your space. Experiment with different materials and finishes. Remember —your gallery wall, your rules!

Step 5: Lay it out before you hang it up

Lay your framed photos on the floor and play around with different arrangements by mixing different sizes and orientations. Place larger frames as anchors and sprinkle smaller ones around. Think of it as a puzzle, where the final picture is your unique story.

Step 6: The art of hanging

Hanging your frames can seem daunting, but it's simpler than you think. Measure twice, hang once! Use painter's tape to mark positions on the wall, keeping a level handy to ensure that everything's straight. Consider using removable hooks for a renter-friendly option, or get inventive with Shacolla to create a shape using your photos.

For more tips on putting your pictures up, take a look at our guide to creating a gallery wall.


Selection of printed photos on wall.

Tips and tricks for the perfect square photo wall

Whilst creating your gallery is pretty straightforward, there are a few ways you can make your Instagram wall stand out.

Lighting is key

Make sure your gallery wall gets the right amount of light. Natural light works wonders, but consider subtle gallery lighting if that's not an option. You can even purchase a few handy lighting options online, such as an ambient sunset lamp, fairy lights, or a glowing moon orb.

Consistency in chaos

While mixing and matching is fun, maintain a consistent element, be it frame colour, photo theme, or a recurring size. Whilst you can always mix and match your photo sizes, it’s best to stick to square prints for an Instagram wall. To make it more impactful, keep the square prints all the same size.

Update regularly

One of the joys of a square photo wall is the ease of updating it. Keep adding new memories as you experience different things and meet new people.

Tell a story

Arrange your photos in a way that narrates a story, whether it's chronological, thematic, or simply artistic. If it follows a point of interest, your photos will make sense on your wall.

Don’t rush

Take your time in choosing and arranging. It’s best to see your gallery wall as an evolving art piece. Don’t feel as though you need to rush to get your photos up as soon as possible, just add them to your wall as and when you feel like it.

Elevate your Instagram gallery wall with accessories

Personalise your gallery wall with more than just photos. Incorporate small shelves to display memorabilia, souvenirs, or small plants. Adding these elements can bring depth and personality to your Instagram wall, making it uniquely yours. How about adding a border of fairy lights to bring a warm glow, reminiscent of best-loved Insta filters?

Creative backdrops

Don't just focus on the frames and photos. The wall itself can act as a canvas. Consider painting a section of the wall in a contrasting colour or using removable wallpaper to add texture or patterns. This backdrop can dramatically change the overall look and feel of your gallery wall.

Engage with your audience

If you love sharing your space on social media, use your real-life Instagram wall as a backdrop for your posts. It's a great way to engage your followers, offering them a glimpse of your personal space and style. You might even start a new trend!

Maintenance and care

Your gallery wall is a living part of your home and, like any other, requires care. Dust frames regularly and check for any fading or damage to prints, especially if they're exposed to sunlight. This ensures your wall stays as vibrant and engaging as the day you created it.

Selection of printed photos on picnic blanket.Bring your Instagram wall to life with myFUJIFILM

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