Create Your Own Children's Photo Storybook

Ignite your child’s imaginary world and unlock the door to creativity with one of myFUJIFILM's captivating photo story books, crafted with little adventurers in mind. Watch with joy as their eyes light up, flipping through the vibrant pages filled with laughter, love, and experiences. 

Our user-friendly tools and inspiring ideas are here to help you transform your child’s playtime into a cherished photo book that can accompany them throughout their growing up journey.

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Inspire: let your children’s imagination soar

Step into any bookshop and you’ll see thousands of children’s storybooks. And although most of them feature beautiful illustrations, eye-catching photo book covers, vibrant colours, and inspiring messages, they can feel like they’re missing that personalised touch. 

A bespoke photo storybook, on the other hand, holds a unique power that sets it apart from mass-produced ones. When a child sees themselves and their friends and family as superheroes or adventurers in a personalised photo book, they’re sure to feel a sense of belonging. It fires up their imagination and boosts confidence — look how much is possible! 

As well as transporting them to new places and situations, a personalised book adds a sentimental element, making it a thoughtful gift. 

Set the scene

First thing’s first, you need to gather photos of your little ones in character. If you have a budding photographer in your midst, why not get them behind the lens? It’s the perfect opportunity to show them some photography basics.

To get creative, it’s key to transform your surroundings into the perfect backdrop that helps bring their imaginative tales to life, so start by selecting a location that complements the theme of their storybook. 

Whether it's a lush garden, a cosy living room for a fort, or a whimsical forest, the environment should immerse your child in their chosen narrative. Another good idea is to pay attention to lighting, as it sets the mood and enhances the atmosphere of the photos. 

Consider using props and decorations that align with the storyline, adding an extra layer of authenticity. By thoughtfully curating the setting, you'll create a photoshoot that captures the magic and excitement of their story.

Capture them in character

Creating a children's photo storybook is all about unleashing your imagination and recording  special moments in a unique and captivating way.

A good way to get them involved in your photo shoot is to encourage your children to get in character, or simply capture them in play. From their favourite book character to superheroes and fairies as they go about their day, it’s a wonderful way to let their imagination run wild and free. 

As they play, why not ask them about their game? You can use their answers to shape the narrative of your story book.

When your little ones dress up, take photos at every opportunity to bring together into your very own personalised children's photo storybook. Natural, candid photos of them playing "in-the-moment" will work perfectly. As soon as they put their costume on, watch as their actions and movements come to life as they imitate the character they are playing. Capture them as they jump, climb, and save the day as superheroes, roar like a dinosaur or dance like a ballerina.

Choose a theme

Alongside getting into character, you could also select a theme for your storybook. It could be a magical adventure, a day at the beach, or even a journey through time. 

A well-defined theme sets the stage for the story. It gives you the chance to create a sense of adventure, wonder, or familiarity. It can also act as a helpful guide for setting out your photos, text, and any illustrations. If you’re following certain plot points, you’ll have an idea of the types of images to create and where to place them in your photo book. 

A theme essentially serves as a narrative thread, connecting the visuals and words to create a cohesive and memorable reading experience. 

Read on for a few ideas on themes and storylines — but remember, you can tailor your book to your child's interests and passions. So if they adore ballet and robots, why not unite them to create something unique? 

Relatable anecdotes

It can also be helpful to focus on relatable stories and anecdotes through your photos. These will help your child connect with the characters and events in the storybook. Consider these tales:

The Adventure of Lost Toys

Follow the journey of a group of toys as they go on an exciting quest to find their way back home in a child's bedroom. Along the way, they encounter challenges that mirror everyday obstacles kids face, like navigating a messy room or overcoming a fear of the dark.

The Magic Treehouse

Join a pair of siblings as they discover a magical treehouse that transports them to different time periods and places. Each adventure they embark on reflects relatable experiences, such as making new friends at school, overcoming fears, or learning the value of teamwork.

The Curious Garden Explorer

Join a young explorer as they uncover the secrets of a hidden garden in their neighbourhood. Through their adventures, they learn about the importance of nature, caring for plants, and the joy of outdoor exploration, inspiring young readers to appreciate the world around them.

The Pet Parade

Tag along with a child and their imaginary pet friends as they organise a whimsical parade through their town. As they plan and prepare for the parade, they learn about friendship, creativity, and the power of imagination, encouraging young readers to embrace their own imaginative play.

How to put together a children’s photo story book  

Coming up with a concept and creating your images is the tricky bit. Now you have the straightforward but fun task of using the myFUJIFULM photo book tool to bring your vision to life.

Choose your photo book

The first step in creating a masterpiece for your child is selecting a photo book to tell your story.

Premium Photo Books

The crème de la crème when it comes to our photo books. Printed on our high-quality FUJIFILM Original Photographic Paper, our Premium Photo Books will produce clear, vibrant images to showcase an exciting tale for your child to watch unfold. They range from smaller 8”x8” sizes, to A4 or A3 — so you can really magnify those magic moments.  

Standard Photo Books

Classics never go out of style, and that's exactly what you get with FUJIFILM Standard Photo Books. They're versatile and reliable, making them perfect for capturing everyday moments with your little one, and revisiting unforgettable holidays with the whole family. 

Instant Photo Books

If you’re looking to put together your child’s photo book ASAP, then our Instant Photo Books are for you. You can transform your child’s favourite snapshots into tangible memories in no time. This 20 page photo book holds 20 8”x8” photos, printed in a gloss or matte finish, and delivered to you in just 2 days. You can even choose from eight pastel shades that your little one is bound to adore. 

Mini Photo Books

Our Mini Photo Books may be small in size, but they pack a big punch when it comes to charm. They're perfect for showcasing your fondest memories in an adorable way. Whether it's a mini holiday photo book or a tiny album dedicated to your child, these pocket-sized gems hold immense sentimental value and are perfect for sharing with your loved ones.

Square Photo Books

Get your creativity on with FUJIFILM Square Photo Books. These bring a modern twist to displaying your photos. The unique and eye-catching layout adds a contemporary touch to your stories. 

Select your photos

Choose a selection of your favourite photos that align with your chosen theme, you can even scan in old photos to create the photobook. You can always involve your child in the selection process to make it an interactive and collaborative experience.

Organise and edit

Arrange your photos in a logical order, creating a narrative flow throughout the storybook. Crop, enhance, or apply filters to make your images more vibrant and captivating.

Add captions and text

Write brief and engaging captions for each photo, allowing the story to unfold with the perfect balance of visuals and words. Use playful language and keep sentences short to maintain a lively pace.

Design and layout

Experiment with different layouts and backgrounds to bring variety and visual appeal to your storybook. myFUJIFILM's user-friendly design tools make it easy to customise every page to suit your taste.

Preview and order

Take a moment to preview your creation and make any necessary adjustments. Once you're satisfied, simply place your order with us, and we’ll handle the rest. 

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Personalised photo books with myFUJIFILM

Let your creativity soar and embark on a wonderful journey of storytelling with your very own children's photo book. 

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