How to Design Your Own Photo Book Wedding Album

Creating a wedding photobook from home is a brilliant way to reflect on all the incredible moments from your big day! With so many memories to squeeze in, getting your photobook right can be a challenge, so we’ve listed our best pieces of advice on how to make the perfect personalised wedding album that will last you for years to come.  

1. Select what kind of wedding photobook you want. 

With so many different types of photobooks on the market, it’s important to understand which will best meet your requirements. From premium photobooks to standard and mini photobooks, there’s plenty of sizes and styles on offer from an impressive A3 size, down to a handy 4x4” size.  

2. Create your style 

Black and white, close-up images, or purely just you and your partner – knowing the style of images that you want to include in your book is essential. Not only will this make organising the images that you would like to add to your photobook far easier but will ensure that you create the best wedding photobook of your big day!  


3. Pick the photos you want 

Selecting images from your special day is an important task! Creating photobooks, or wedding scrapbook albums, gives you the perfect opportunity to review and organise your images, decide which order you would like to arrange your images in and to also take the time to look back on those wonderful moments from the day.  

4. Decide your front cover 

You will probably have hundreds of images from your wedding day, something that will make choosing your front cover image a rather difficult decision. Thankfully, by making your wedding photo albums online, you can change the image until you’re 100% happy with the design!

5. Design your layout 

You can design your personalised wedding books (who said you could only have one?!) by either using one of the hundreds of image templates provided or by creating your own layout. Not only can you organise the images however you wish, but you can also incorporate text as well as different colours and textures.

6. Click order! 

Once you have created your wedding photobooks, click order! Your order will be with you in up to 10 working days. 

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