Pop the question with a photo gift: 5 quirky ways to propose

When you decide to propose to your loved one, it’s natural to expect a few nerves before the big moment. After all, it’s an occasion that you will both remember for the rest of your lives — so why not hold onto the act with the help of a photo gift?

Nowadays, with so many trends and inspirations available online, finding a unique and quirky proposal idea can be challenging. To help you out, we’ve done the hard work so you can focus on what really matters on this special day.

Let’s take a look at our 5 quirky ways to propose, with the help of a one-of-a-kind photo gift.


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Is a photo gift necessary for a proposal?

Firstly, you may be wondering whether a photo gift is a necessary addition to your proposal, especially if you’re also giving your partner an engagement ring. The truth is, it’s completely up to you. 

You may already have an elaborate proposal idea in mind, and if that’s the case, congratulations! However, a photo gift can help you both remember the exact moment they say ‘yes’ — even when you’re a million miles away, living in the joy of the moment. 

While you will have memories and recollections of the proposal in years to come, it’s always nice to know that you have a memento stashed away for when your memory needs re-jogging. Imagine pulling out your chosen photo gift in years to come, showing your children and family how you proposed. In our eyes, there isn’t anything more heartwarming than this.


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5 ways to propose with a photo gift

Now, it’s time for you to see how a photo gift can enhance your proposal. Whether you’d like to make the photo gift the main event or a satisfying side gift is completely up to you.

1. Watch your love story unfold with a proposal photo book

There’s no better way to document your love story than with a photo book. Think about which type of photo book your loved one would like most, from Square Photo Books to Instant Photo Books for a splash of colour.

Using our simple photo book maker, create a proposal photo book that represents your relationship. You can either group your images by theme, or in chronological order — whichever suits your memories most. Include the butterfly-inducing snaps from first dates, your first trips away together, and your favourite selfies of one another to show how much you’ve grown as a pair. Don’t forget to add captions, describing your favourite memories and inside jokes for a heartfelt touch.

On the last page of your photo book, instead of adding a photo, write something like: ‘Our next chapter is the best one yet…’ — a symbolic moment for you to pop the all-important question.

The location for a photo book proposal is up to you — we understand that not everyone would enjoy a huge song-and-dance. From a cosy evening picnic with all their favourite nibbles to a sit-down dinner at their favourite restaurant, you can hand the photo gift to your loved one and look through the book together while you anticipate your cue.

2. Experience a picture-perfect proposal with a framed photo print

Think back through your time together with your loved one. What has been your favourite moment? Or maybe the moment when you realised you wanted to be with your partner for the rest of their life? Search back through the archives for your favourite photo of you both together, and get it made into one of our high-quality framed prints. Choose from white, black, or oak framing depending on your preference.

Organise a surprise dinner for your loved one, and decorate your dining area with elegant decor and soft, cosy lighting. Place your framed photograph of choice on an easel, covered with a cloth.

Next, plan your dinner with multiple courses — each course representing a significant part of your relationship. Did you go for fish and chips on your first date? That’s your main course sorted. Did you share a strawberry ice cream on the beach in your first year together? That’s dessert! You could even add anecdotes and small notes to read for each course.

Finally, after dinner, reveal your framed photo and explain why this moment is so significant to you and your love story. Then, make the moment yours to keep by proposing in front of your favourite shared memory.

3. Go the retro romance route with a retro photo print

Are walks and adventures a huge part of your relationship? This vintage photo print proposal will be the perfect idea en route. Our retro photo prints have a classic vintage look, and they’ll look fabulous wherever you put them. Once you’ve popped the question, you could even use them as a collage or keep them safe within a scrapbook.

For this idea, you’ll need to plan a route in advance. Whether you choose to walk or drive, map out stop-points that are significant to your relationship. Maybe it’s outside the pub that you first met, or the street that you first lived on together. At each location, before you embark on your walk, secretly place a retro print with a memory that is symbolic of the specific spot. Make sure that your final stop is the most significant — as this is where you’ll pop the question!

Next, all that’s left to do is invite your partner on a walk down memory lane. Reminisce on your experiences, laugh about the good times, and get ready for your big moment. Add a note on the last image to ‘turn me over’, where ‘will you marry me?’ will be revealed on the back of the image to your loved one.

4. Propose with a poster print of love

Feeling creative? Maybe you and your partners are movie buffs and love the idea of a private film screening. If so, this proposal idea will be well-suited to you. Start by organising a movie night in the comfort of your own home, or rent out a cinema room in your local area where you can play your favourite films to watch together. 

The best way to begin your collage is to use a large white sheet of fabric. Get your favourite moments and memories together, and print them out into different-sized poster prints. Once your poster prints have arrived, arrange and stick them onto your piece of fabric to create a giant photo collage of memories.

If you’ve rented out a cinema room, ask in advance whether you can put up and conceal your photo collage — preferably behind a curtain! If you’re at home, place your collage behind the curtains on a wide window, making your at-home reveal.

Before your film of choice starts, pretend there’s a special preview. When the lights dim, instead of watching the movie, reveal your poster collage. Stand beside it and propose, making your loved one feel like they’ve stepped into their very own romance movie.

5. Sketch out your future with a personalised photo notebook

Feeling creative? Arts and crafts are a brilliant way to spend quality time with your loved one, so why not combine your proposal with a day of fun? Firstly, you’ll need a personalised photo notebook featuring an important photo of you both on the cover.

Plan a day filled with creative activities that you enjoy most — from painting to pottery — the choice is yours! Secretly have your photo notebook stored away, where each page has been filled with the stories and memories of different experiences you’ve shared.

When you’re ready, suggest taking a break from the day’s activities by handing your to-be-wed their new diary or sketchbook as a gift— whichever they’d prefer to use their personalised notebook for. Ask them to look through it, with the final page having a written proposal or a drawing of a ring with a note saying ‘Will you continue our beautiful story with me?’ at the bottom. From then on, you can even add to the notebook with stories as the years fly by for a sentimental touch.

6. The magic proposal

If you fancy adding a touch of mystery and magic to your proposal, look no further than The Magic Mug. Its creation process allows you to add a photo to the outer edge, slowly revealing as the hot drink inside is consumed. That’s the power of a colour-changing mug!

It’s natural to reach for a steaming cup of tea or a nice strong coffee in the morning, so instead, why not hand your significant other a mug of their favourite drink on the day of your proposal? 

Little do they know that your proposal will be revealed as they sip away at their drink. It’s a fun, adorable, and sweet way to propose to your loved one with their favourite beverage.


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Your proposal will be one of the most significant moments in your relationship — so it’s important to make as many memories from it as possible. We hope you’ve enjoyed our proposal ideas, but remember you can modify them and mix and match them to make the event your own, too!

Alternatively, if you didn’t get the chance to use one of our photo gifts for your proposal there’s no need to worry, Why not print your engagement photos instead?

Take a look at our range of photo gifts, and choose something for you and your partner to hold onto forever.