Remembrance gifts in honour of Mum

Losing a loved one, especially your own mum, can bring up so many emotions. Naturally, finding ways to keep her memory alive can sometimes be a painful part of the healing process. 

Honouring the memory of your mum through thoughtful remembrance gifts can turn moments of sadness into celebrations of her life and the love you shared.

Photobook on table with mug

Creating a lasting memorial with a tribute in pictures

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, especially when it comes to creating a memorial in remembrance of your mum. At myFUJIFILM, we offer a variety of personalised photo gifts to share with your family and friends who also share their love for your mum, too.

Start with a walk down memory lane

Dive into those digital archives and physical photo albums. Each photograph is a memory of a moment you shared, an anecdote waiting to be retold. 

Our Personalised Photo Books are perfect for curating those precious moments with your mum. Made with our FUJIFILM Original Photo Paper, each page offers unparalleled clarity, quality and vibrancy. There are so many photo books to choose from, including Square Photo Books, Custom Mini Photo Books, Instant Photo Books and Standard Photo Books. Perhaps you could curate her travel photos, or family holiday snaps into a colourful Custom Mini Photo Book

You can also share the photobook-making process with your loved ones. They can contribute High-Quality Photo Prints of their favourite photos and stories of mum. These can be stuck into a photo book to create a living document where her life is celebrated in full colour. Encourage family members to add not just photos, but the stories behind them. Why was that holiday special? What's the tale behind that laughter-filled dinner?

Creating a personalised photo book is more than just selecting images, it also involves exploring the stories that connect your lives. Embrace the humorous times, reflect on the poignant ones, and choose the photos that best capture your mum’s life and the memories you love the most. 

Craft a photo display

Transform photos of your mum into a dedicated photo display. Why not have photos of your mum around your home  to remind you of your happy memories you shared together? Sometimes, it can help you feel her presence around you with a photo gallery wall, or some photos in the kitchen if she was especially fond of cooking? 

Consider enhancing this display with myFUJIFILM’s Premium Canvas Prints or Framed Prints to bring depth and permanence to these memories. For a more modern touch, Aluminium Prints or Acrylic Prints offer a sleek and durable option, ensuring her legacy shines brightly for years to come. 

You could even think beyond the frame by mixing in artefacts that hold special significance to you and your mum, like a handwritten recipe by her or a piece of her jewellery. It's about creating a tactile space for memories that you can live with every day, a place where you can share stories or simply say "good morning" as you pass by.

For the siblings who share your loss

To share a collective moment of reflection for you and your siblings. Consider gifting them a piece of her story with personalised remembrance gifts. 

Imagine their surprise as they unwrap a Custom Photo Calendar marked with her favourite sayings, or a set of Photo Coasters featuring snapshots of her famous garden. It's a way to say, "She's here, with all of us, in every moment."

Comforting homeware

Elevate your living space with myFUJIFILM's Personalised Photo Cushions, turning favourite memories into comforting accents. Imagine a cushion featuring your mum's smile, a meaningful quote, or a beloved family photo, adding warmth and personality to any room. 

These cushions aren't just for decor, but they're also a physical reminder of the moments and love you shared, designed to offer comfort on days you miss her most. Perfect for your sofa, or bed, or as a thoughtful gift for family members, each cushion keeps her memory vibrant and close. Let a personalised photo cushion from myFUJIFILM transform a simple photograph into a comforting presence in your home.

Photo book of garden

Beyond the photo: Celebrations without Mum

While photo gifts are a beautiful way to remember your mum, there are also a few other ideas you can take part in alongside, too. 

Plant a memory garden

For a tribute that grows, consider planting a garden in her memory. Choose flowers she loved or plants that remind you of her. Every bloom becomes a testament to her enduring presence in your life, a living memorial that changes with the seasons, just as your memories do.

Host a memory dinner

Gather your loved ones for a dinner in her honour. Cook her favourite dishes, play her favourite music, and raise a glass to her memory. It's an evening for sharing stories, for laughter and maybe a few tears, but most importantly, it's a night for remembering the love that never fades.

Volunteer in her name

Honour her legacy by volunteering for a cause she was passionate about. It's a way to extend her influence into the world, to make a difference in a way she would have appreciated. Whether it's a few hours at a local shelter or a donation to her favourite charity, it's a tribute that echoes her values and generosity.

Remember your mum with photo gifts from myFUJIFILM

Ready to celebrate her memory? Dive into the meaningful journey of crafting a personalised remembrance photo gift. In just a few clicks, you can create a heartfelt tribute that reflects the unique bond you shared with your mum.

From our top-quality photo prints to our custom-designed memory books, we've got a range of gifts designed to honour her specially. Browse our collection of personalised photo gifts, or contact us to start creating your tribute today.