Share the love with personalised Valentine's Day gifts for friends

Valentine's Day isn't just for romantic love. It's a celebration of all kinds of love, including the deep, enduring friendships that enrich our lives. Singletons and loved-up couples alike can celebrate special platonic relationships through  “Galentine's Day”. Sneaking in on the 13th of February, the day before Valentine’s, this fun occasion is the perfect opportunity to show your ‘gals’, ‘pals’, and other friends just how much you appreciate them. 

Whether you're enjoying a Happy Galentine's Day or looking for unique Valentine's Day gifts for friends, personalisation is key to showing your friends that you care. And the best part is, a thoughtful gift doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive one, either. 

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What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine's Day” first came about as part of a 2010 TV show.  What started as a bit of on-screen fun, soon found its way into the mainstream as a day to celebrate the joys of female friendship. The celebration came in response to the enormous pressures on women, in particular, to be in a relationship, and how society tends to view couplehood as more successful.

Since then, the concept of Galentine’s Day has taken off, resonating with audiences and evolving into a real-life celebration that precedes Valentine's Day, focusing on the solidarity and affection between female friends. But that doesn’t mean that friends of all genders can’t get involved in a special day to celebrate their friendship, too!

What to gift your friends on Valentine’s Day

February tends to be brimming with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, long-stemmed roses and cutesy teddy bears. And while these can make thoughtful gifts for a romantic partner, knowing what to get your friends might seem a little bit trickier. 

But that’s where personalised gifts show thoughtfulness, effort, and an understanding of the person receiving the gift. For Valentine's or Galentine's Day, they can transform a simple present into a keepsake of shared memories and experiences.

1. Compact chronicles of friendship with mini photo books

Imagine gifting a mini photo book that tells the story of your friendship. Crafted on high-quality FUJIFILM Original Photo Paper, they come in various sizes, including the handy 4"x4", delightful 5"x5", and versatile 6"x4". 

With up to 80 pages, they're not just adorable but also spacious enough to showcase all of your favourite moments. The Leporello binding ensures a flawless, lay-flat display of your photos, offering an uninterrupted view of every happy memory. 

Personalise your mini book with your choice of a lustre or gloss finish, and select a cover photo, text, and colour that reflects the bond between you and your friend. 

Each page can be a chapter of shared adventures, inside jokes, and memorable moments. It's a compact keepsake which can easily be carried — the perfect Valentine’s present for a friend who’s moving away to university, or going travelling. 

2. Daily reminders of shared joy with magnets

Custom photo magnets can turn any metallic surface into a gallery of friendship. Tailor-made for social media, they fit neatly into the 4"x 4" frames, arriving ready to stick and showcase your memories. 

Creating them is a breeze — if you're planning on giving a different photo to each person in your friendship group, design each magnet with a different photo, one at a time. Once you’ve finished designing, you can add them to your basket as you go. 

Or, gift everyone the same photo to connect you all by selecting one image and choosing your desired quantity. Either way, these framed photo magnets are a fun, fuss-free way to make your stories 'stick around' and celebrate your friendships this Valentine’s Day. 

3. A home comfort in a photo cushion

This Valentine's Day, surprise your friend with a heartfelt and unique gift — a personalised photo cushion. A cushion that's not just cosy but also adorned with your shared memories - or just a photo of your face so they'll never forget you!

The front of this one-of-a-kind cushion boasts a heavyweight fabric with a canvas feel, ideal for displaying a much-loved snap of your shared moments. The back complements any decor with its soft faux suede in a neutral ‘fawn’ shade. 

Thumbs up for @dailyphoebs and @teeandzara

We’re so excited to see how @dailyphoebs used our personalised photo cushion as a fun Valentine's Day gift for her boyfriend. Instead of using one big picture to fill her cushion space, she used her own artistic creation made up of several small photos of herself to make for a fun, colourful gift. This is just one example of how you can use our personalised photo cushions to get creative.

You can also opt for a large photo on your cushion like  @teeandzara. She surprised her boyfriend with a fun photo cushion of a photo of her face, magnified. This makes for a wonderful Valentine’s Day present, but also as a funny gift for your bestie this Galentine’s, too. 

4. Manifest their dreams with a personalised notebook

This Galentine's Day, empower your bestie to manifest their dreams with a custom A5 hardcover notebook. Perfectly on-trend and incredibly thoughtful, this notebook is a tool for aspiration and inspiration. 

The lustre laminated cover offers a chic, high-quality protective finish, setting the stage for what lies within — 150 pages of lined 80gsm paper, waiting to be filled with their goals, reflections, and daily affirmations. Sized at A5, it's the ideal companion for vision-boarding sessions, gratitude journaling, or simply staying organised. Personalise it with an uplifting design or a photo that resonates with your unique friendship, making it the perfect Galentine's Day gift. 

5. Valentine’s party with posters

Imagine gifting your best friend a stunning, large-scale poster, imagine gifting your best friend a large-scale poster of one of your favourite memories. Be it a hilarious day out, an epic adventure, or just a candid snapshot of joy. 

We’re lucky to offer a poster printing service for you to turn these memories into art, with sizes reaching up to 40x30 inches, printed on luxurious 260gsm Fujifilm Satin Inkjet Paper. Choose between landscape and portrait orientations, and create either a singular, striking image or a collage filled with your favourite moments. It's a bold, beautiful way to bring a personal touch to their space, celebrating the photos that embody the happiness and camaraderie of your friendship.

6. A toasty gift in a photo blanket

This Valentine's Day, celebrate the warmth of friendship with a unique gift — a super soft, personalised photo blanket. Perfect for friends who want a reminder of their memories together, this blanket allows you to bring those special moments to life, whether it's a collage from an unforgettable holiday or a standout image from a fun day out. 

The front showcases your chosen image in all its glory, while the reverse is a sleek, plain white, complementing any room décor. Sized at a generous 157cm x 132cm and finished with a neat 1-inch hemline, it's ideal for cosying up during chill-out sessions or for adding a personal flair to their home.

7. Fun memories with framed prints

Perfect for friends, our framed prints are more than just photos — they're uplifting reminders of your favourite moments. Whether it's a laugh-filled snapshot from a recent holiday or a favourite night out,  these framed beauties transform memories into stunning visual pieces that adorn any living space. 

Each print is thoughtfully produced using recycled high-quality composite materials, ensuring both durability and a touch of eco-friendliness. With options in black, white, and oak designs, and the choice to include a mount, these frames cater to all home aesthetics. Offering safety glass, standbacks, and protective corners, they're crafted with care and attention to detail.

Holiday paraphernalia next to sunny digital print

Tips for crafting the perfect Valentine’s gift for friends

Putting together a Valentine’s or Galentine’s gift for friends doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Simply think about what would make your friends happy and spark fond memories. 

Think beyond the traditional

Don't limit yourself to conventional gifts. Explore other options like custom photo mugs, photo coasters, or calendars filled with memories. The more personal the gift, the more special it will be.

The emotional impact of a printed photo

Printed photos can have a profound emotional impact. It's tangible evidence of a moment shared, a memory cherished. These gifts serve as a heartfelt reminder of the bond you share.

Keeping it light and heartfelt

The essence of these gifts is to express love and appreciation. They should be light-hearted, fun, and above all, heartfelt. They are symbols of the laughter and adventures you've shared, and a promise of many more to come.

An experience, not just a gift

Think about how you present your gift. Creative packaging or an unexpected delivery method can add an element of surprise and make the experience of receiving the gift as special as the gift itself.

Capturing the right moments

When selecting photos for your gift, choose ones that truly capture the spirit of your friendship. Candid shots, belly laughs, spontaneous adventures — these are the images that tell your story best.

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Your perfect gift is just a few clicks away with myFUJIFILM

Ready to get started? Dive into the fun and rewarding process of creating the perfect Valentine’s or Galentine’s gift. With just a few clicks, you can craft a unique present that celebrates the special bond you share with your friends.

From our high-quality photo prints to our premium photo books, there’s a gift guaranteed to spread the love in time for Valentine’s Day. Browse our range of personalised photo gifts, or get in touch with us to get started today.