Surprise your valentine with a romantic photo book

We like to think of Valentine’s Day as much more than just a date on the calendar. Instead, we see it as an amazing opportunity to share love and appreciation with our loved ones.

This year, we're eager to help you mark the occasion in the most memorable way yet — with a distinctly personal touch. Our favourite way to do this? A romantic photo book, where each page tells your unique love story. That's the kind of gift we want for you this Valentine’s Day.


Couples photo book on wooden table with flowers.

The process: Creating a romantic photo book with myFUJIFILM

Crafting a photo book with us allows you to turn your special moments into a collection that you can reminisce over for days, months, and years to come.

The best part? The power of customisation lies in your hands, allowing you to tell a story as distinctive as your relationship. Picture the happiness of reliving your best-kept memories, the laughter shared behind closed doors, all gathered in a keepsake that will only gain significance as time passes.

What’s more, our photo book design process is streamlined and user-friendly, ensuring that the experience is not only simple but also a joy to complete.

The importance of unique gifts for Valentine’s Day

We all know that when Valentine’s Day comes around, so does an influx of chocolate boxes, flower bouquets, and ridiculously oversized teddy bears.

Now, we’re not going to deny that these are wonderful Valentine’s gifts. But, ultimately, they don’t last. In our eyes, the essence of this special day calls for something more personal, more unique — something that personalised photo gifts excel at. Unlike the short-lived beauty of flowers or the fleeting pleasure of chocolates, a photo book is a lasting testament to the moments you share.

What makes a photo book a good Valentine’s Day gift?

Valentine’s calls for a gift as unique as you and your partner. In light of this, a photo book is the perfect choice, offering a personalised, intimate, and creative way to showcase your defining moments as a couple.

1. A personalised touch

The main benefit of a photo book is that it can be deeply personalised at every opportunity. Each page can be customised with photos that capture the essence of your relationship, from candid snapshots to significant milestone centrepieces. This level of personalisation ensures that the gift is uniquely tailored to reflect your love story, making it far more impactful than other generic gifts.

2. Memory preservation

Unlike traditional gifts that will inevitably fade or be consumed, a photo book is durable. It preserves your moments in a physical form that you can revisit time and again, whenever you need it most. The longevity of a photo book makes it a gift that keeps on giving, allowing you to relive your happiest times together with every flick of a page.

3. Creative expression

What could be more fun than piecing together your own love story? Through a curated selection of images, captions, and layouts, you can paint your very own picture that represents you and your beau to a T. This creative process not only results in a meaningful gift but also adds a layer of thoughtfulness that is hard to match.

4. Emotional impact

Photo books are great for evoking a powerful emotional response, often strengthening the bond between partners. It's a heartfelt way to visually communicate love, appreciation, and the importance of shared memories.

5. A unique gifting experience

You may be shocked to believe that it’s not all about the photo book — it’s also about the experience that comes with it. When you and your partner go through your photo book, you’ll be able to explore each page together. Remember your past adventures, and dream about your future ones. It’s your ticket to an incredibly special Valentine’s Day.


Couples square travel photo book.

Romantic photo books from myFUJIFILM

As you can imagine, our photo books are crafted with love in every sense. Our collection is diverse, offering a variety of styles, sizes, and themes to ensure that every couple finds the perfect match for their narrative. Each photo book is a blank canvas just waiting for your personal touch. 

As we delve into the different photo books available for personalisation at myFUJIFILM, remember that each type carries its own distinct personality. This variety ensures you can find the photo book that truly resonates with your relationship. Whether you're drawn to something classic and elegant or quirky and vibrant, there's a photo book waiting to become a home for your memories.

Premium Photo Books

If you’re looking for a photo book made with elegance in mind, our Premium Photo Books are the perfect choice. Ideal for those who cherish high-quality finishes and exquisite detail, these books elevate your memories with superior paper quality and expert binding and printing techniques.

Standard Photo Books

On a budget this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry — we think personalised photo gifts should be accessible no matter your budget. Our Standard Photo Books are perfect for those who want to document their love story without compromising on quality. A true balance of affordability and craftsmanship.

Instant Photo Books

If vibrant storytelling and colourful presentations are up your street, you’ll adore our Instant Photo Books. Offering 20 pages of 8x8 photos, these books are perfect for those eager to relive their favourite moments without delay. They’re also available in blue, green, beige, pink, purple, and yellow, catering to every couple's aesthetic.

Mini Photo Books

Couples who love to share small tokens of affection are sure to find our CustomMini Photo Books captivating. These compact and charming photo books are perfect for those who delight in the little things that make love special. Ideal for anniversary gifts, “just because” surprises, or keepsakes of mini-adventures, they’re a discreet yet beautiful way to keep your precious moments close.

Square Photo Books

If your partner is a modern aesthetic fanatic, they’re sure to appreciate our sleek and satisfying Square Photo Books. These books are ideal for those who prefer a contemporary look for documenting their love story. Our distinctive square format provides a unique canvas for photos, offering a fresh perspective on classic memories.

How to structure your Valentine’s photobook

Once you’ve chosen your favourite type of photo book, it’s finally time for you to tell your story. Here are some of our favourite creative ideas on how to structure your romantic photo book:

A love timeline

Chronicle your relationship journey from the day you met to your most recent adventures, highlighting everything from key milestones to the special moments in between.

A day-in-the-life

Capture the beauty of your everyday moments, from morning coffee together to cosy evenings at home. A beautiful way to showcase the simplicity of your love.

Travel tales

Do you both have the travel bug? Dedicate pages to your travels and adventures, filled with scenic shots and candid moments from different destinations across the map.

Love letters, screenshots, and texts

Intersperse your photos with love letters, texts, or notes you've exchanged to add a deeply personal touch to your photo book.

Your firsts

Celebrate all the 'firsts' in your relationship, whether it be your first date, first trip, or your first home. It’s a great way to see how far you’ve come together.

What kind of images should you include in a romantic photo book?

Most importantly, the images you choose for your romantic photo book should encapsulate the essence of your relationship, Here’s some guidance if you’re not sure where to start:

  • Candid shots, capturing genuine emotions and laughter
  • Photographs from special occasions, such as anniversaries, holidays and trips
  • Everyday moments (cosy dinners, walks in the park)
  • Images of places with special meaning (first meeting spot, your favourite getaway)
  • Photos of shared hobbies or activities you enjoy together
  • Snapshots of love notes, gifts, or other sentimental items
  • Celebratory moments
  • Quiet, intimate scenes, such as reading or cooking together


Photo of couple laughing on top of hill.

Make a romantic photo book with myFUJIFILM this Valentine’s Day

As the pages of your relationship turn with each passing day, take the opportunity to bind these moments into a story — one that’s uniquely yours to keep. Start creating your photo book today with myFUJIFILM.