The perfect personalised gifts for a new mum's first Mother's Day

Mother's Day is an exciting time for any mum. And you always remember your first Mother's Day. So, why not make it extra special with personalised new mum gifts? Don't just grab a bunch of supermarket flowers - take the time to consider how you can make her day shine with a personalised photo gift.

What makes her first Mother’s Day so special? 

You may be marking the first year with your new baby. Or perhaps you're celebrating Mother's Day from ‘Bump’. No matter how many times you celebrate, the first one is always memorable. After all, bringing a new life into the world is one of the most incredible adventures many of us go through. 

Did you know that Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) has been celebrated in the UK and Ireland for hundreds of years? What started as a religious holiday has now become a secular celebration often featuring flowers and chocolates. 

It honours mothers everywhere, celebrating their achievements and acknowledging their sacrifices for their children — and the meaning behind the day is particularly poignant on your first Mother's Day. 

So, what makes her first Mother's Day unique? No two new mums are alike, but this year is different. Because motherhood is no mean feat, and this is a significant milestone in the journey.  

Take the time to pamper her and remind her that she's doing a fantastic job. Make it a day to remember with personalised new mum gifts that show her how special she is. And don't forget how much a simple "thank you" can mean for everything she's doing. 

The early stages of motherhood can feel like a bit of a whirlwind. This time is packed with incredible moments, from bonding with your baby to seeing their first smile. But it can be exhausting, too. There are sleepless nights and all the anxiety that comes with being a new parent. So, that first Mother's Day gift should be truly unique. You can't buy a good night's sleep, but you can make a new mum feel loved and appreciated. 

Open baby photo book

Is there a traditional first Mother's Day gift?  

The most traditional Mother’s Day gift is a card and some flowers. But her first Mother’s Day is the perfect time to create your own family traditions. 

Start with breakfast in bed: her favourite pastries or even a glass of champagne. Later in the day, how about visiting her favourite place — this can remind her how far she's come on her motherhood journey. And remember to throw in a trip to her favourite restaurant or cafe. 

Every new mum enjoys some downtime, so you could offer to babysit the little one while she soaks in a long, hot bath. Or give her some peace and quiet to enjoy her favourite book or movie. A pamper session is thoughtful, but sometimes just creating a space to relax is gift enough. 

Mother’s Day photo gifts may not be traditional. But what could be nicer than capturing the day in a series of snaps? Start your own gallery wall with gorgeous framed prints. Or create personalised photo books for friends and family to spread the love. 

Why choose a personalised Mother’s Day present?  

The perfect gift shows the depth of our appreciation and love for a new mum.  A box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers can make a wonderful display of affection. However, if you feel these aren’t quite enough to convey how you feel, you might like to opt for a personalised new mum gift. It’s sure to show how much you care. 

Does she adore flowers? To add that personal touch, select a bouquet of her favourites or pick blooms in her favourite colour. You could also create a custom card overflowing with memories of her first year as a new mum. Alternatively, order a set of fun Shacolla prints from her most loved memories for a creative display.   

You can be practical or personal when it comes to the ideal new mum gift. Chances are she's experiencing all kinds of emotions, so a personalised present can help capture those feelings. A beautiful keepsake is something she can treasure and pass down to future generations. 

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First Mother’s Day gift ideas  

Are you lucky enough to be celebrating your partner or loved one’s first Mother's Day? We hope you're already brimming with ideas for the big day. But if you're stumped for that special present, here's our selection of fantastic gifts to spoil any new mum and show her how much she's loved. 

Mother’s Day gifts from ‘Bump’  

Expectant mothers get to share in the joy of Mother’s Day with gorgeous personalised gifts.  

Obviously, she won’t be expecting a card. So why not send one anyway and add a cute message like “can’t wait to meet you!” Pop into a box of her favourite self-care products so she can feel pampered and extra-special — especially in the last trimester. 

Parenthood is the definition of a “life-changing event.” So why not document those precious moments with a bump-to-baby photo book? Or organise a professional photoshoot and choose a beautiful image of the mum-to-be to print on high-quality canvas

Other thoughtful "Mother's Day from Bump" gifts include: 

How to choose a Mother’s Day present from Baby 

There's a lot of pressure to make the first Mother's Day extra special. Personalising the experience is ideal for showing a new mum how much she's valued.  

Mother’s Day photo gifts really hit the mark, no matter if it’s a mug or a photo book. She’ll love a beautifully framed print of her baby to sit on her desk. And you can never have enough mum and baby pics, so keep snapping throughout the day. Then why not create a stunning premium photo book to capture the magic? Include a mix of posed and candid snaps that capture the mother-baby bond. 

Sentimental photo presents for mum from baby are adorable and sure to please. A magic mug that reveals a favourite photo and cute slogan is a fun way to see her face light up. And a mini photo book is the perfect size to tuck in a handbag to carry your memories with you. And don’t forget to wrap your gift in customised wrapping paper she’ll want to treasure.  

Other first Mother’s Day gift ideas include:  

  • A funky Mother’s Day playlist of all her favourite songs 
  • A poster collage of all the best bits from her first year as a mum 
  • A personalised water bottle for family walks  
Cover of baby photo book

Mother’s Day presents for new grannies  

Don’t forget new grandmothers on Mother’s Day. Reflect their unique style with a personalised photo gift of a mug or canvas print. Or create a customised cushion of her new grandchild she’ll love to cuddle.  

Mother’s Day gifts for mummy friends   

Whether it’s a friend from your local parenting group or a loved one you’ve known for years, why not show some extra care and support for the other mothers in your life? A thoughtful photo gift can spark joy and remind them of how well they’re doing on their parenting journey.

Celebrate family with Mother’s Day photo gifts  

Are you shopping for your wife, girlfriend, or bestie? Then, make their first Mother's Day unique. Whoever you’re buying for deserves the very best as she embarks on her journey toward motherhood. Why not show her how much she's loved and valued with fabulous personalised new mum photo gifts from myFUJIFILM?