Personalised Gifts for Friends

Celebrate the beauty of friendship and show appreciation for your favourite people with unique photo gifts. What better way to make your best friend’s birthday, Christmas, or other celebration extra special than with meaningful photo gifts?

We have something for every occasion and personality - take a look at our range of personalised gifts for friends.

7 products
  • 11oz Magic Mug
    11oz Magic Mug with Photo
  • Instant Photo Books
    Instant Photo Books pastel cover collection
  • Framed Prints & Framed Gifts
    3 photo frames in white, black and oak colours sat on a table
  • Acrylic Photo Prints
    Acrylic print in landscape with personalised photo of family on holiday
  • Aluminium Photo Prints
    Square custom aluminium print of dog in snow
  • Custom Printed Wrapping Paper
    Customised wrapping paper used on photo print gifts
  • Shacolla
    A selection of 4 different shacolla sizes for photo prints

Unique Gifts

Choosing and creating personalised photo gifts for your friends is a special process. It gives you the chance to reflect on your shared friendship, and it's also an opportunity to celebrate the good times you've been lucky to share with one another. 

When you create a unique gift for your best friend, you'll be sure to put a huge, genuine smile on their face.

So, why not design and create a customised photo collage featuring your favourite moments together or create a Personalised Calendar filled with your shared memories and inside jokes? Or, for something more personalised, create a personalised best friend print to showcase your love for one another. 

If you want to gift your best friend with something you can do together, you could order a set of Shacolla prints to create eye-catching wall art. Get creative together and display your cherished memories together. From letters and numbers to love hearts and animal shapes, there are so many options to spruce up and personalise any space.

From Photo Books and Framed Prints to magic Photo Mugs, these personalised gifts make treasured keepsakes, reminding your friend of the beautiful, life-long bond you share.