From captions to quotes – creative ways to add text to your photo book

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Still, a memorable quote or a funny anecdote captures the moment for posterity. Why not combine both in personalised photo books with text?  

Using words to compliment your images is a fantastic way to change up your photo books. You can add context or humour, give a backstory or use a pithy caption. Your photo books with text make perfect children's storybooks. Or why not capture your memories in images and words to tell your own story?  

The possibilities are limitless. You can even get interactive with photo books with writing space so you can make notes and add captions. It's the ultimate in personalisation And the perfect gift for a treasured friend on their birthday or wedding day. 

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Why add text to your photo books?  

The perfect image can capture a memory for eternity. But how you felt and what was said are less tangible. Adding text to your photo book sets the story in stone with funny quips or meaningful quotes.  

Maybe your camera roll is brimming with photos from the trip of a lifetime. But how about the jokes you heard or the wow moments you shared? Creating photo books with text lets you enrich every photo with the broader story. Not just the things you've seen but what you've learned. Which means you record every moment of your visual and interior monologue. The result is an engaging record of your travels or significant life events. Think about telling the story of your pregnancy — from bump to baby. Or let family history be your muse and piece together text and photos for a compelling story from your family tree. 

Last but not least, text is a fantastic way to break up your photo book. However beautiful your images are, the eye craves more information. So, text hooks your readers and makes them stay for the journey. Your quotes, notes and anecdotes are perfect for bringing your personalised photo book together. 

Creative ways to elevate your photo books with text 

Adding text is a creative way to elevate your photo books. But if you're stuck for inspiration and need help figuring out where to start, these are our favourite creative ways to add text to photo books.  

Tell a story 

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Arranging your pictures to tell the narrative will help you identify where you need text. It could be a witty caption or a heartfelt quote. A short paragraph can add context and keep to the structure. Keep the focus on the story the images tell, and only use text where it adds something to your photos.  

Incorporate meaningful song lyrics 

Personalised photo books with text are unique. And as the author, it makes sense to keep it personal. We love photo books with text that incorporate meaningful quotes. 

Song lyrics are a poignant way to capture emotions, setting the mood and adding depth. It could be the song from the first dance at your wedding. Your favourite road trip tune or that earworm you love anyway. If you find it challenging to put your thoughts into words, let your favourite song do it for you.   

Add some favourite quotes 

There's a plethora of quotes on the internet, from laugh-out-loud funny to thought-provoking. And the chances are that there's an entertaining or inspiring online quote that matches the mood of the moment. An uplifting quote can set the tone of the whole book or capture the spirit of a single page.  

Caption each photo  

Captions are a fantastic way to give context to a photo. Add a few well-chosen words to add meaning without encroaching on the picture. Writing captions is an art, but these tips should help you create the right mood:  

  • Write text that matches the spirit of the image. 
  • Keep it short and to the point. 
  • Use words that instantly spark a memory or feeling. 
  • Use captions as a reference point to jog the memory. 
  • Make sure the images are still the main focus of the page.  
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How to make your photo book interactive with text  

Our editing software makes adding text to your photo books easy. But there are other ways you can get interactive to personalise your books.  

Add thought-provoking prompts 

Love journaling? Then, the idea of picture prompts will appeal as an idea for your next photo book. Add thought-provoking prompts to inspire creative writing; use an awe-inspiring landscape to inspire your thoughts; or share experiences from your own life. Sometimes, all you need is the simplest reminder of a place and a date. Your imagination and creativity are sure to do the rest.  

Crowdsource your text  

Try crowdsourcing stories and memories from your friends. Their quotes and funny stories will make your images pop and you'll harvest anecdotes that will live forever in the pages of your photo book. Just ask the participants in each photo for their one-liners. Then, use text boxes or speech bubbles to make their words come alive.   

Leave space for handwritten notes  

Another idea we love is creating a photo book with writing space. Keep the layout clean and simple by offsetting the images on the page. You'll create space for handwritten notes and anecdotes that bring your pictures to life. It's a fabulous way to celebrate a wedding anniversary or a baby's first birthday, gathering heartfelt wishes from friends and family. After all, your handwritten jottings are even more personal than printed text. And you'll be able to add to your story as time passes.  

Your step-by-step guide to adding text to your myFUJIFILM photo books  

You’ll need to combine the skills of an author, photographer and designer to create stunning photo books with text. Our step-by-step guide will help you design each element with ease.  

Pick a font 

Don't overwhelm your photos with text. A san serif font will give a streamlined, contemporary look. In comparison, a script font is ideal for quotes and song lyrics. To keep your design consistent, try not to use more than two fonts on any page. And remember, the bolder the font, the easier it is to read.  

Choose your colour 

Look for high-contrast text that's easy to read. You might use a hot pink across a pale blue sky — or black text against a yellow wall. Alternatively, match your text colour to another element on your page for high impact.  

Find a size  

Placing your photo subject on one side of the page and your text in the negative space is a good idea. Then, adjust the font size so it's in balance with your image. Large enough to read clearly. But not so large that it overwhelms the picture.  

Find the perfect placement  

You can place your text anywhere on the page. You might prefer a small caption under a photo. Or text overlaid on a part of your image. Move your text box until you're delighted with the balance of the design. 

Add embellishments  

Additional shapes and embellishments can give your text that extra something. Or get creative with different backgrounds to make your personalised photo books with text unique. 

Create beautiful personalised photo books with myFUJIFILM 

Whether you go for a pocket-sized Mini Photo Book or a large Premium Photo Book, adding text to your photos can help to bring your memories to life. We hope you’ve been inspired to take your next project to another level by adding quotes, notes and jokes to bring it to life. Start creating now at myFUJIFILM